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Recognizing that there is no substitute for Apprenticeship, there is a definite obligation on the part of the present generation of the Painting and decorating Industry to supply means for people to become their successors and to obtain training and education to fit them for their responsibilities.  Apprenticeship training will equip the Apprentice for a profitable employment, develop a necessary background for good citizenship and insure both the employer and the public the benefit of good craftsmanship.

Painters and Decorators are under obligation to provide the public certain health and sanitary protection wherever the work is being performed.  They are also responsible for proper selection of materials to fit the individual jobs and for applying these materials in a workmanlike manner.  This Apprenticeship Program is based on these premises.  It recognizes that painting; decorating and all occupation in Appendices A should be done only by qualified journeypersons assisted by regularly indentured apprentices.

The term “apprenticeship” carries the connotation of mutual benefit.  Any program for the regular indenture of apprentices must be formulated on accepted standards, mindful of the best interest of all parties concerned.  The Standards submitted herewith conform to National and State Standards for painting, decorating and all occupation in Appendices A and the Standards of the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, United States Department of Labor, and shall govern the employment of all apprentices within the jurisdiction of IUPAT District Council 58.

The Apprenticeship Program has been formulated in an effort to raise the general level of craftsmanship in our Trade and have as their purpose:

1.Training and education of more proficient craft persons.

2.Assurance to employers of a supply of competent and highly skilled journeypersons.

3.More judicious selection of apprentices and resultant reduction in turnover.

4.Through training of apprentice necessary to equip them for profitable employment.

5.Saving of time, money and effort in this training.

6.Promise to the public of high quality services and products.

The administration of the Painting Apprenticeship and Training Programs shall be vested in the IUPAT District Council 58 FTI of the Midwest JATF as prescribed in the Labor-Management Agreement.


Selections to the Apprenticeship Program

1. Applications are available on a year-round basis at:
 940 California Avenue
 Collinsville, IL 62234

 or at
18036 Eads Avenue
Chesterfield, Mo 63005

between the hours of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
or at a District Council Representative in your area.

2. Applicants meeting all qualifications and requirements of the Apprenticeship Standards, will be put on a list at the Local Hall, each area will have a separate list, by date of application received, and sent to the Contractors for selection by a "Letter of Intent to Hire." If the contractor has no preference the applicant with the oldest date will be selected. All qualified applicants will remain on the list for period of [2] years.

3. When the Applicant is accepted by a contractor he/she must return to the appropriate Apprenticeship location or Local Union Hall of District Council 58, with the "Letter of Intent to Hire" stating the starting date of employment.  

4. The eligible applicant will be provided orientation before indenturing by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee upon receipt of the "Letter of Intent to Hire.”

5. The apprentice must make application for membership into the Union and start Making payment on their initiation fee, as required by the District Council 58 Working Agreement, after seven [7] days of employment or admittance into the apprentice program. The total fee must be paid at time of entrance.

6. The Business Representatives will assist all laid-off Apprentices in seeking employment.

7. In reference to the Committee's Affirmative Action Plan, the Joint Apprenticeship Committee will provide assistance to the minority and female applicants in the employment opportunities that will reflect the established goals of the program.

8. Graduates of the Job Corp may be selected into the program without meeting the requirements at the next available opening.

9. All Military Personal may be selected into the program without meeting the requirements at the next available opening.


Painter Apprentice Entrance Requirements

To be considered for apprenticeship training each applicant must meet the following requirements:

1. AGE: Minimum age of 18 years (proof required).

2. EDUCATION: A high school education or its equivalent, the GED examination for which a diploma and transcript of school courses and grades will be required.

3. PHYSICAL: Must be physically fit to perform the work of the trade. A physician's statement may be   required prior to admission to the program. Exam costs will be paid by the applicant.

4. RESIDENCE: Applicant must live in the jurisdiction of District Council 58.

5. Be able to obtain employment in the United States.

6. Drug test may be required.     

7. Birth Certificate

8. Social Security Card


Wage Schedule

Apprentices are granted increases according to school attendance and work hours. Contractors will receive wage increase authorization notices, when an Apprentice has qualified as per the schedule below:

Decatur and Collinsville Apprenticeship Wage Schedule

Glazier LU 1168 Apprenticeship Wage Schedule


Fringe Benefits


All fringe benefits that are paid on Journeyperson according to the Painter's District Council 58 Working Agreement and shall also be paid on apprentices according to the Painter's District Council 58 Working Agreement.



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