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Organizing the unorganized has always been the driving spirit behind the labor movement.

In earlier years, workers who tried to form unions were beaten by company thugs or shot at by government troops.  Union organizers risked - and sometimes gave - their lives to win the fight for dignity and justice on the job.  It is because of these heroic men and women that American workers enjoy the standard of living we have today.

As a worker, being organized means having dignity, respect, and a voice in your working life.  It means higher wages, training, skill upgrades, medical insurance, and retirement benefits.  It enables a higher standard of living for you and your family.

To the contractor, being organized means having access.  Access to a skilled labor pool.  Access to projects.  Access to success.  In areas critical to the future of the construction industry - long term investment in apprenticeship and training programs, the development of a stable local labor supply through the use of local hiring halls, and the retention of experienced workers through the provision of medical, pension, and other benefits - the union sector remains superior.

As we begin a new century, organizing continues to be the labor movement’s vital mission.  As trade unionists, we understand that everything we have achieved can be taken away if we don’t continue to organize.  Organizing is the job of every union member.  It is the responsibility of every member to educate our friends and neighbors about what a union really is.  It is more than a collective bargaining agreement.  It is more than the improved wages and benefits that come with a union contract.  It is more than a place to find skilled workers.  The union is the people themselves, joining together in a triumph of justice and prosperity.

If you would like to join the team - as a member, contractor, or organizing activist - give our Organizing Department a call today.  Find out what it is like to be a part of a strong, united organization.

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Rich Lucks, Director of Organizing


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